Friday 20 November 2015

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BOX OFFICE: The record breaking did not love money Ratan Pio

Salman Khan 's 'Love Ratan Dhan Pio' the box office one after another has broken several records, but in the case of a record-breaking film is missed. The record of the first day of collection.
Pio wealth of love and tan Click to read movie reviews
Salman was released the next day of Diwali and it was a collection of Rs 40.35 crore. The next day of Diwali in 2014 Happy New Year was released and the film had collected Rs 44.97 crore.
It is responsible for funding the length of rattan love Pio. The 174-minute film could not show much of the film and maybe that's why the film 'Happy New Year' missed breaking the record.

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