Friday 20 November 2015

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Bigg Boss 9: Is Salman Khan favouring Mandana Karimi?

The actor has a soft corner for the Iranian beauty…

Mandana Karimi is one of the favourites in Bigg Boss 9 this year and it seems someone is helping the Iranian actress. Who? It’s none other than show’s host Salman Khan. The host has a soft spot for the actress and he has made it evident in the weekend episodes.

Be it giving advice or doing masti, Salman has done it all while talking to Mandana on the show. But many people including this season’s contestants and viewers feel that Salman is favouring Mandana.

Arvind Vegda in an EXCLUSIVE interview with us had revealed, “Channel knows what works on the show and what doesn’t! The show’s format has always been more about controversies than anything else. Salman Khan, the channel, everyone has a say in it and unfortunately I happened to be their target.”

Even Puneet Vashishta had revealed to us EXCLUSIVELY that, “Everything is finalised according to Salman. I am not saying the show is scripted but you really need to be in the good books of Salman to last on this show! This year I am so sure Salman is going to make Mandana Karimi win. She was good friends with me initially but gradually changed sides as per her wish. But Bigg Boss will never focus on that. They’ll only show her side where she is complaining about Kishwer, acting cute or showing her dresses to people around. Nobody is seeing the inner side and everybody is seeing just the outer manipulative side!”

The Iranian actress has also been let off lightly by Bigg Boss till now, even though she has broken so many rules of the house. She has removed her mike, not once, not twice but thrice and still Bigg Boss hasn’t punished her.

Yesterday, we also revealed to you how Mandana will be put into a secret room after being eliminated in a staged procedure to safeguard her from the main eliminations process. The viewers have also shot back that Salman and COLORS is favouring Mandana.

Do you also think Salman Khan is favouring Mandana Karimi? Tell us in the poll below!

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