Saturday 21 November 2015

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At the age of 59 also looks very hot and sexy, you will be surprised to see pictures

November 21,2015

London: grins in the world of the glamor world Aktras, model career is about to be beautiful until she and the effect of aging on the skin do not. But the statement does not apply Ysmina over Rossi. Yet many international brands Ysmina 59 years and he is the favorite of many models are giving strong competition.
The charm of their faces, shapely body and the result is that half his age hot image models in the industry is to continue to struggle at 0.1955 Rossi, born in France, now lives in Malibo. At age 30, when most models tends modeling career, Rossi stepped into the modeling industry and were splashed.
Some of the modeling industry for nearly three decades, is considered impossible to stick with top brands, but he did it. The only question that remains on everyone's tongue still so young how Rossi.
Rossi recently have shared the secret world of the young skin. He told the Sunday Times Style magazine, "It is not a very big Sikrit. I always ate organic food is only when people were not even aware of it. "
Rossi said, "I am used to massage the skin with olive oil and homemade scrub once a week cleaning of the skin and hair white mustard thee shall apply oil. Also, I prefer to eat fruit and fish have also. "
You'd be surprised to know that Rossi has two children and grandmother of your body feels better than youth. Rossi not only a famous model, but he also has great professional Ftogrfr. In addition, he is the master of making clay pots.

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