Tuesday 24 November 2015

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Aamir Khan's intolerance ... Anupam Kher air fired tough questions

November 24, 2015 
 The country's events against intolerance debate between Aamir Khan, breaking silence for the first time his wife was afraid the Centre advised that he had to leave the country. Aamir Khan's statement about where Anupam Kher questioned BJP MP and actor-singer pungent Manoj Tiwari pitted against Aamir Khan. Manoj Tiwari said Aamir Khan's Mother India insulted by this statement and the millions of people suffering inflicted.

The prestigious Ramnath Goenka Award in journalism on the occasion of being Aamir said here that he also feels insecurity and fear has increased the last six to eight weeks. He said, 'When I spoke to the beam at the house, he asked whether we should leave India. She's afraid for her child. He fears that this type of environment around us will. He is afraid to open the newspaper every day. '' Amir said about the prize giving those creative people to express their discontent it could be a way.

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