Thursday 19 November 2015

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16-year-old daughter Sushmita became hot babe, see certain photos

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Mumbai: Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen recently having a picture of his eldest daughter share on Twitter, he was greeted birthday. They are celebrating their birthday today Sus. On the occasion of his eldest daughter are going to show some photos.
Sushmita's daughter are having a 16-year-old. Please tell Sushmita Sen is not married. Sushmita adopted in 2000 remain. For this they had to fight a legal fight. At just 25 years of age remain Sushmita adopted, mother of 2 girls Sushmita had to fight for its legal fight after Thykrine Sushmita adopted another child named Alisha Recently remain small sister Alisha was also birthday. Alisha is 6 years old.

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